Portable 2 in 1 Clay Tea Pot and Cup Set

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Item Type: Tea Pots
Material: Clay
Size: 9 x 10.5 cm / 3.5 x 4.1 inch
Package Includes: 2 Pcs

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Be delighted with this beautiful understated and practical tea set.
To use the tea set, here are some tips.
Use clear water to wash away the dust in the surface of the tea set and the clay remains inside.
Note: Be sure NOT use any detergent or disinfectant.
You better use this tea set only for one type of tea, like oolong tea, puer, etc.
For the long run, the tea set will keep getting better by retaining a lot of fragrance of the tea and will give you better experience drinking that tea.
The tea set also needs time to rest.
Normally it should be rest in well-ventilated place (away from direct sunlight) for about 20 days after 2-3 months use.
This can make the tea set better absorb the tea flavour and the “natural aroma” more efficiently.

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